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Since 1982 this Tax Law Firm has been helping clients in all manner of tax crime and international tax cases.

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"For over 30 years our firm has aggressively protected the rights and best interest
of our clients under the law."

-William D. Hartsock, Esq
All Communication Is Protected Under Attorney Client Priviledge
• Tax Fraud
• Tax Evasion
"International tax law is vast, complex,
and a specialty of this tax law firm."

-William D. Hartsock, Esq.
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An International Tax Law Firm
• FBAR Filing
• Foreign Taxes
• Voluntary Disclosure
• International Tax Audits


Since 1982 our team has represented clients with serious tax problems involving criminal tax charges in the US and abroad.


This firm is nationally recognized for winning tough cases through outstanding preparation, expertise, and commitment to achieve the desired result for our clients.


  •   Experienced Tax Attorneys
  •   Certified Tax Law Specialists
  •   Enrolled Agents
  •   Tax Preparers
  •   Bookkeepers


Our cases are won through depth of knowledge, negotiating skill, aggressive presentation and committed focus on the desired outcome.


This firm understands the problems and priorities of high net worth individuals and how to build a case that will achieve the intended result.

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Confidential Consultation

The immediate benefit of consulting with a tax attorney is the protection of Attorney-Client Privilege.

Team of Experts

This tax law firm brings together decades of experience in a variety of important disciplines.

Over 30 Years Experience

Founded in 1982, this firm has incredible depth and breadth of experience in IRS defense law.

An Outstanding Track Record

This tax law firm is widely recognized, respected and has a reputation for winning tough cases.

Highly Trained Tax Attorneys

Our attorneys are certified tax law specialists, the highest designation available to tax attorneys.

Experienced Negotiators

Our attorneys have consistently succeeded in negotiating the best settlements possible.

IRS Enrolled Agents

Enrolled agents are specially trained and certified to represent taxpayers before the IRS.

Criminal Tax Defense

This firm has a long history of successful defense in cases of tax evasion, tax fraud and criminal offenses.

International Tax Law

Our attorneys are highly respected and sought after for expertise specific to foreign tax cases.

Resolving your tax issue starts with a free consultation.

All conversations with a tax attorney are protected by Attorney-Client Privilege and will never be shared with the IRS.

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Starting with a free consultation we will review the facts of your case and discuss your options, from there our team will organize your documents, build your case, present and negotiate with the IRS and achieve a resolution that will give you a fresh start.

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