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Since 1982 this Tax Law Firm has been helping clients in all manner of tax crime and international tax cases.

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About Us

About Us

We are one of the Most Experienced, Well-Educated & Competent Tax Law Firms in the Country. This tax law firm has been representing individuals, businesses, corporations, and partnerships in all tax controversy matters since 1983. The Tax Attorney's, CPA's, Enrolled Agents, Tax Preparers and Bookkeepers are some of the most experienced, educated and competent tax professionals in the industry. We each have our own educational accomplishments, practical experience achievements, honors, degrees and awards.


We Provide Aggressive Representation. We aggressively represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service, California Franchise Tax Board, Employment Development Department & State Board of Equalization. These governmental agencies have some of the most fearsome auditors, tax collectors and counsel in the world. The only way to combat their power is with competent and aggressive tax attorneys such as us.


Great Work Product Will Result in a Great Presentation. We aggressively defend your rights against even the most egregious governmental tax agencies. We will organize your books and records, obtain documents from third parties, & prepare supporting workpapers, all in an effort to make an excellent presentation before the IRS/FTB. This presentation will be fully supported by the facts, evidence and testimony, to obtain the best possible result. The best way to settle a case is to show through evidence, testimony and argument that we will prevail in court.


We have an Excellent Reputation, as we're Well-Prepared & Ready to Fight for Your Rights. This tax law firm has an excellent reputation with IRS & FTB employees, in that we are competent and knowledgeable tax attorneys, CPAs, EA's & bookkeepers. They know that we will be well prepared and knowledgeable & will fight for our clients' rights. We will not give up until we obtain the results that you are entitled to by law. We have even had government tax officials recommend this tax law firm to their own relatives to use for their tax cases.


We have In-House CPAs, EA's & Bookkeepers for Efficiency & to Protect Privileges. This tax law firm is set up with Tax Attorneys to represent you and we also have in-house CPAs, Enrolled Agents, bookkeepers and tax preparers, so the work product can be protected by the attorney-client privilege and work product privileges, and that the work is done as efficiently and expediently as possible in-house.


Reasonable Attorney's Fees. The attorneys fees are very reasonable. We know how expensive the large tax and accounting firms can be. We work as efficiently as possible, only doing the work necessary to get the very best results, thus making our attorneys fees extremely reasonable. We have the taxpayer collect and organize many of the documents, as well as prepare a Memorandum which sets forth a chronology of events for our use. In this way, we can keep the attorney's fees as low as reasonably possible. If you don't mind doing a little bit of the work, your efforts can significantly reduce the attorneys fees. We work with your accountant and bookkeeper as well to keep the attorney fees low.


The Initial Consultation is Protected by the Attorney-Client Privilege. Call our tax law firm at (858) 481-4844 to speak directly to a tax attorney about your case. The consultation, all notes and documents pertaining to your case are protected by the attorney-client privilege, and the attorney work product privilege.