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Since 1982 this Tax Law Firm has been helping clients in all manner of tax crime and international tax cases.

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Looking For A Good Tax Attorney?

For several decades, the tax attorneys at TaxLawFirm.net have helped people solve IRS problems with skilled and experienced legal counsel. No matter if you are a business or an individual, a professional tax law attorney from our firm can advise you in all areas of business tax law. No matter what your IRS issue, a certified income tax attorney from TaxLawFirm.net can help.


Tax Attorneys - Aggressive Advocates of Taxpayer Rights!

Tax problems? Let us help. We are serious advocates of your rights as a taxpayer and will aggressively fight to solve all your IRS issues! An income tax attorney from TaxLawFirm.net knows and understands the law. We provide legal counsel to clients in a variety of practice areas, including:


  • Tax Crimes
  • Tax Evasion
  • Tax Fraud
  • International Tax Law Matters
  • Foreign Tax Audits
  • FBAR Filing
  • Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program


Why Should I Choose To Hire A Tax Law Attorney?

In the event that you need the most current information on tax regulations and laws, you should enlist the assistance of a professional tax law attorney. Getting a tax attorney early on in the process can help to ensure that you are processing your taxes correctly, and you can therefore avoid any unnecessary – and potentially expensive – trouble from the IRS, California Department of Franchise Tax Board or other State tax entity.


As well as being able to provide you with the most up-to-date tax law and regulatory advice, a tax attorney will prove invaluable in the event that you are already getting tax problems and pressure from the IRS. The skills and knowledge of an experienced income tax attorney will maximize your chances of fast dispute resolution as well as minimal impact from penalties imposed by the tax department.


It is always best to hire the services of a tax attorney as early as possible, rather than waiting until the tax issue is out of hand and liens and levies are rearing their heads. However, that being said, you can bring in a tax lawyer at any time, and your tax law attorney will use his or her specialist knowledge and experience to quickly sort out the dispute or action being taken over your taxes.


Whether you call them a tax attorney, income tax attorney or tax law attorney, the goal is the same – to help you solve your IRS tax issues.


A TaxLawFirm.net Certified Tax Attorney is Well Versed In California Tax Law

A tax attorney from TaxLawFirm.net is highly skilled and highly specialized. In fact, all our Tax attorneys are designated “Certified Tax Law Specialists” by the California Bar Association. There is simply no higher designation available. Choosing a tax attorney from our firm means you are getting the highest standard of care in the Industry. Going through an IRS tax issue can be traumatic, at best. Don't go it alone! Your best defense is choosing a tax attorney from TaxLawFirm.net


William D. Hartsock is Knowledgeable in International Tax Law

Mr. Hartsock has been representing clients in international tax law matters for over 20 years. His practice encompasses all aspects of international tax law, including FBAR, FATCA, the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program, foreign tax credits, international auditing standards, and the foreign earned income exclusion, among others. In recent times, the U.S. Department of Justice and the IRS have stepped up efforts to enforce international tax laws and discover previously undisclosed foreign accounts and assets of U.S. taxpayers worldwide. These aggressive efforts can result in serious penalties or criminal consequences for U.S. residents and citizens. If you have foreign financial assets or accounts, you should consult with an experienced international tax attorney. At TaxLawFirm.net, we have the extensive experience in international matters necessary to successfully handle your case.


A Top California Tax Lawyer Representing Individuals and Businesses Throughout the Nation

Although our focus is primarily in California, we welcome customers from all states.

Contact us to schedule a Tax Attorney consultation. Evening and weekend hours are available by appointment.


Tax Negotiation and Representation Help is here.

Let's face it, going through the IRS process alone can be, for lack of a better word, a taxing situation. Not only can it be confusing but the entire ordeal can bring out many anxieties. Without a tax attorney on your side, the process can be a nerve-wracking and emotionally difficult experience for you. The attorneys at TaxLawFirm.net can help you end your tax problems and get on with your life.


Why you need a Tax Attorney

Beyond tax negotiation and representation, tax attorneys are there to fight for your rights. Did you know? IRS Revenue Officers have significant leniency and authority to collect past due tax, interest and penalties from taxpayers that are late. In fact, these officers can levy fines against your wages, bank accounts, retirement plans, escrow accounts and even business receivables. This is reason alone to hire a tax attorney, Did you also know? The IRS also has tremendous power and can even seize assets and sell them off to pay outstanding amounts owed to them. Don't risk it! The tax attorneys at TaxLawFirm.net can help you end your IRS tax nightmare.


Need more reasons to use a tax attorney? Did you know? The IRS regularly files liens against taxpayers who can't fully repay their obligations and these liens show up on your credit reports, making it entirely difficult for you to obtain future credit. Our team of experienced tax attorneys knows how to protect your rights. Additionally, if you need help simply catching up with your past due payments, attorneys from our firm can help.


Tax attorneys from TaxLawFirm.net regularly assist clients with the following tasks:

  • We develop a solid strategy for you.
  • We provide on-going answers and support
  • We communicate directly with the IRS so you don't have to.
  • We perform tax negotiation and representation on your behalf.
  • We help determine your best monthly payment options.
  • We help you go through the appeals process, if necessary.


Call to Learn More About The Best Defense Options In Your Tax Case

For over twenty five years, we have provided quality, professional legal counsel to both individuals and businesses successfully. In addition to taxes and collections, our team of tax lawyers can also advise clients in all areas of business tax law.


Each case is extremely personal for us. We take pride that our clients have chosen our tax attorneys to assist them. Our attorneys strive to ensure our clients are completely satisfied with our services. We are experienced, aggressive attorneys that fight for your rights as a taxpayer. We fight the fight, on your behalf, so that you will hopefully restore your peace of mind. Allow us to resolve your IRS challenges - we will offer you answers and help you end these IRS troubles permanently. Get tax relief and speak with one of our tax attorneys today!

Contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our tax attorneys. Evening and weekend hours are available by appointment.


In addition to his Juris Doctor degree, William D. Hartsock has a Masters in Taxation, and is a Certified Tax Law Specialist, the highest designation available to tax attorneys in California. The IRS, California taxing authorities, and other institutional creditors use a team of attorneys, accountants, and auditors to represent their interests. Mr. Hartsock is supported by an experienced legal and professional staff that helps to level the playing field when it comes to tax issues. If you are seeking a corporate or income tax attorney in San Diego with expertise in handling complex financial issues, then engage William D. Hartsock, Esq., an experienced and trusted tax attorney in San Diego to defend you and your property. Contact us to schedule a consultation with a TaxLawFirm.net tax attorney today, and get tax relief now!