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California Man Ordered to Pay Over $500K in Past Due Payroll Taxes After Defaulting on Settlement Agreement

In United States v. Franklin, the owner of four construction companies apparently withheld Federal Insurance Contributions Act (“FICA”) taxes from his workers’ paychecks but failed to remit the funds to the United States Treasury. As a result, the California man was charged with one count of willfully failing to pay nearly $64,000 in federal employment taxes. After the man pleaded guilty to the criminal charge, the U.S. government filed a civil action... Read More

Tax Court Finds IRS Worker Did Not Abuse His Discretion in Tax Levy Case

In Scholz v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue, a self-employed Mississippi man filed a late federal income tax return for tax years 2007 through 2010. At the time, the man failed to pay the entire amount of tax that was listed as due on each return. After he filed the late returns, the Internal Revenue Service sent the man a Final Notice of Intent to Levy related to the unpaid taxes. The Agency also provided the man with a notice regarding his right to request a hearing on the matter... Read More

U.S. Tax Court Finds IRS Settlement Officer Did Not Abuse His Discretion When Rejecting Couple’s Offer in Compromise

In Pansier v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue, a Wisconsin man apparently failed to file his federal income tax returns for 1995 through 1998. In 2000, the Internal Revenue Service sent the man a statutory notice of deficiency and ultimately assessed taxes and penalties of more than $83,000. In late 2005, the man was charged with filing false income tax returns and other related crimes.  He later served two years in prison in connection with his crimes. As part of the man’s criminal... Read More

Federal Case Shows California Taxpayers Who Under-Report Their Income May be Subject to Foreclosure in a Tax Collection Action

In United States v. Peters, a married woman owned and managed a rental property company in Missouri. Her husband performed maintenance and other management duties for her business. Following a purchase agreement dispute, the woman sold one of her rental properties pursuant to a court order. The proceeds of the sale were later deposited with the woman’s company and were not reinvested in a replacement property. The couple jointly filed a 2002 federal income tax... Read More