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Frequently Asked Tax Law Questions

Frequently Asked Tax Law Questions

Welcome FAQ section of TaxLawFirm.net. If you have recently recieved a notification from the IRS or California State Franchise Tax Board, you are likely to have numerous questions about what that notice means, the potential ramifications and your rights under the law.


Therfore, we have created a separate FAQ section for each area of Tax Law. Please click on the most appropraite area of Tax Law below to find questions, answers and video exerpts from a Tax Law Expert that may pertain to your current problem:



Over the 25 years that this firm has represented client interests before the IRS, we have been asked every concievable question pertaining to innumerable areas of Tax Law. Our reputation and track record of success more than speak for our abilities to represent the best interests of our clients. Our overriding desire is to help businesses and individuals realize the rights and protections provided to them under the law.


While we invite you to browse through this FAQ section and become better informed as to your rights and some of the basic details and considerations that may surround your specific case, perhaps the best course of action would be an initial phone consultation with a qualified attorney. If you could like to speak with an experienced Tax Lawer about the specific details of your case, please contact us today at (858) 481-4844.