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IRS Attorney

The IRS randomly audits a small percentage of the population. In addition, the IRS randomly audits a reasonably high statistical percentage of those people with AGI above $80,000, and a significantly higher statistical percentage of people within AGI over $100,000. In effect, this means that the higher your adjusted...


International Tax Attorney

The IRS is currently auditing and prosecuting holders of offshore credit cards, offshore bank accounts, foreign trusts, and international business companies for tax evasion and failure to report transfers.


Generally a U.S. taxpayer opens a foreign bank account, or creates a foreign trust and International...


Tax Evasion

One of the most common types of tax crime is tax evasion, which is defined as failing to report taxes, reporting taxes inaccurately, or completely avoiding paying taxes.


California Tax Attorney

Looking For A Good California Tax Attorney?

For several decades, the tax attorneys at TaxLawFirm.net have helped people solve IRS problems with skilled and experienced legal counsel. No matter if you are a business or an individual, a professional tax law attorney from our firm can advise you in all areas of business tax law. No matter what your IRS issue, a certified income tax attorney from TaxLawFirm.net can help.


Voluntary Disclosure

Voluntary Disclosure is a longstanding practice of IRS Criminal Investigation of taking timely, accurate, and complete voluntary disclosures from taxpayers who have failed to report or underreported their tax liability.